Specialised Tankers

Ford Ranger Based Urban Tanker 

Hight 1.80m for underground Parking Access

Aluminium Tank 1,200 litre capacity 800 waste,400 Clean

High pressure vacum pump 

The Alumium construction reduces the weight and the ructing high pressure reel makes the unit incredibly versatile.

The Urban has two powerful pumps which will make light work  of even the most stubborn Blockage

A 4wd chassis that can operate in confined spaces and on difficult terrain.



Blockages can be caused by so many different things, A build up of fats, Grease or soaps, Dirt, Silt, or other debris. Whatever the cause the consequences can be serious: Bad smells, A collapsed sewer or a toilet overflowing.  Platinum Water Services have the answers and tools to get your drains back to a free flow condition.

CCTV Surveys

Platinum Water Services has the latest state of the art cctv equipment.This enables us to survey all your drains and provide cost effective solutions to your ongoing problems.We supply a full written report and dvd once survey is complete and finalized.

Root & Scale Removal

Roots can be a major cause of blocking your drains. Here at platinum water services we have all the right equipment to get your drains back to free flowing condition in no time at all.